Outreach Events

ARIN hosts a variety of outreach events to create opportunities for customers and the community to learn more about how they can maximize the value of their ARIN experience. These events are designed to help potential, new, and existing customers understand all of the services that ARIN provides in support of our community.

ARIN on the Road

ARIN on the Road is changing for the better!

You already know that ARIN on the Road is your chance to get face-time with ARIN and get your questions answered. These no-cost events provide the latest from ARIN to keep you informed about all the tools and services we provide to our customers, and how to use them. But starting in 2020, we are switching up the format of these events to include more hands-on learning opportunities!

At event check-in, please let us know your main reason for attending and what you hope to get out of your time with us. We will do our best to address your specific questions. If we don’t hit the mark during the program, we encourage you to stick around for the Ask ARIN session and speak one-on-one with an ARIN staff member. We will have a raffle at the very end of the event for those who complete a short survey about the day.

Sample Agenda

Time: 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

  • Welcome and Getting Started
  • ARIN’s Mission and Core Functions
  • Making the Most of ARIN Technical Services
  • Policy Development at ARIN
  • IPv4 Today – Waiting List, Transfers, and more
  • ARIN Security Services – DNSSEC, RPKI
  • Community Engagement with ARIN
  • ARIN Directory Services – RDAP, Whois, and WhoWas
  • IPv6 Address Plans – What do you need and how do you get it?
  • Q&A / Open Mic Session
  • Ask ARIN (3:30 PM - 4:00 PM) - Optional opportunity for a one-on-one conversation with ARIN staff

Latest version of the ARIN on the Road Presentation is available here!

Previous ARIN on the Road Events
Year Cities
2019 Charlotte, NC; Jacksonville, FL, Montréal, QC; Des Moines, IA
2018 San Diego, CA; Albuquerque, NM; Minneapolis, MN; London, ON; St. Louis, MO; Atlanta, GA;
2017 Houston, TX; St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda; Little Rock, AR; Las Vegas, NV; Denver, CO; San Juan, PR; Saskatoon, SK; Columbus OH
2016 Seattle, WA; Tampa, FL; Austin, TX; Edmonton, AB; Pittsburgh, PA; Waterloo, ON; Nashville, TN; Oklahoma City, OK
2015 Orlando, FL; Ottawa, ON; Halifax, NS; Helena, MT; Roseau, Dominica; Chicago, IL; Fairfield, NJ; Lansing, MI
2014 San Diego, CA; Salt Lake City, UT; Cheyenne, WY; Omaha, NE; Anchorage, AK; Madison, WI; Winnipeg, MB; Columbia, SC
2013 Washington, D.C.; Overland Park, KS; Birmingham, AL; Quebec City, QC; Calgary, AB; Portland, OR
2012 Brooklyn, NY; Chicago, IL; Louisville, KY; Minneapolis, MN
2011 Boston, MA; San Jose, CA; Montreal, QC
2010 Phoenix, AZ; Raleigh, NC

ARIN Lunch by the Numbers

See the latest version of the ARIN Lunch by the Numbers handout here!

These lunches are tailored to ARIN customer organizations that may not have much visibility into the inner workings of ARIN. During lunch, ARIN staff will present an overview of current ARIN activities and services. Afterward, there will be plenty of time for questions and for you to provide us with feedback.

We will have a Registration Services Help Desk at each event, opening at 10:30 AM and available throughout the lunch, to answer any questions about your resources or pending requests. Two individuals per ARIN customer (i.e., an organization holding resources directly issued from ARIN) are welcome to attend.

Previous Lunch by the Numbers Events
Year Cities
2019 Providence, RI; Boston, MA; Brooklyn, NY; Alexandria, VA
2018 Indianapolis, IN; Chicago, IL

ARIN in the Caribbean

As a Regional Internet Registry, ARIN plays an important role in helping the Caribbean’s efforts to develop a resilient networking environment. ARIN facilitates requests for Internet number resources, promotes development of autonomous networks, and encourages organizations adopting the next generation Internet protocol, IPv6.

Visit Team ARIN to learn more about our ongoing Caribbean Outreach programs.

Request a Stop In Your Area

Would you like to see us head your way? If you think your area could benefit from an ARIN outreach event, let us know at meetings@arin.net.