Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-15

Hijacking Authorization Not-intended

Status: Pending Board of Trustees Review
Shepherds: Chris Tacit, Andrew Dul

Current Text (22 July 2019)

AC Assessment of Conformance with the Principles of Internet Number Resource Policy:

The Advisory Council has moved ARIN-2019-15 to recommended draft status. This recommended draft increases the clarity around the accepted practices for reassignments and reallocations. The draft has been supported by the community, is technically sound, and furthers the goal of impartial and fair number administration.

Problem Statement:

The current text of Section 2.5 of the NRPM could be interpreted as implicitly giving incidental or transient users of IPv6 address space the ability to use that space without the authorization of the organization to which the space is delegated. This policy makes it clear that such third-party use must be authorized by the organization to which the address space is delegated.

Policy Statement:

Present Text

Note that the incidental or transient use of address space by third parties shall not be considered a reassignment or a violation of the exclusive use criterion.

Proposed Text

Note that the authorized incidental or transient use by third parties of address space delegated to an organization shall not be considered a reassignment or a violation of the exclusive use provision.

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate

Anything Else:

The proposed text is consistent the intent expressed by similar polices of other RIRs.

Summary (Staff Understanding)

Staff’s understanding is that this draft policy endeavors to retain the original guidance that IP addresses used in an incidental or transient manner is not considered to be a reassignment while being more clear and precise that IP addresses used by third-parties in an incidental or transient manner must be authorized for their use.


ARIN Staff Comments

The new text appears to address the concerns as noted in the problem statement of this draft policy. The new text in this draft policy is also in line with guidance staff has always provided to individuals who contact the help desk.

ARIN General Counsel – Legal Assessment

The policy presents no material legal issues.

Resource Impact

Implementation of this policy would have minimum resource impact. It is estimated that implementation would occur within 3 months after ratification by the ARIN Board of Trustees. The following would be needed in order to implement:

  • Updated guidelines and internal procedures

Proposal/Draft Policy Text Assessed: 22 July 2019 Version

History and Earlier Versions

Action Date
Proposal 6 May 2019
Draft Policy 25 June 2019
Revised 22 July 2019
Recommended Draft Policy 20 August 2019
Last Call 6 November 2019
Advanced to Board 24 December 2019

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